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Gold Trading

We are a leading Company in Gold Trading Operations. We have established continuous successful Gold Trade Operations. We have a compound working with Artisanal Miners. We adhere to the rules of Conflict Free Gold Trading.


We are fully equipped with Security Systems and other devices adapted to its safekeeping operations. We provide our Clients with High Tech Security Vaults ensuring our Client’s assets the utmost secured Safekeeping. We offer safekeeping of currency, precious metals, gems, artwork, jewelry and bank or securities paper with appropriate safe keeping receipt in the form of a Certificate of Deposit.

Precious Stones Trading

Throughout the years we have been established as a strong Precious Stones Trading Company through our extensive work. This prompted our Precious Stone Department to create a subsidiary to only focus in the Precious Stones field. We not only extract the Precious Stones from our Mines and Concessions but also build Custom Jewelry for our Clients.

Financial Advice

We provide Financial Advice to our Clients who will receive specialized financial guidance to help them achieve their goals. We research and provide the best solutions for them.

Business Planning

Our Team of experts will guide our Clients, through a comprehensive financial plan, to achieve and reach their goals with a succesful Business Plan.
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